Learning (from other people’s mistakes)

Being on the receiving end of other company’s customer service is a wonderful education. Just look at how “Krikor” from JoomlaWorks handles my question. Every mistake in the book.

If anyone catches me talking to a customer like that, I will personally fire myself from my own company.


[just a little bit fed-up with having bought a Joomla module that under-performs, but I’m still polite if a little ascerbic.]

Really happy with the way FrontPage SlideShow works on laptop screen but alarmed when I brought the site up on a tablet. I see from the Joomlaworks forum that FPSS is not responsive – period. To be quite honest it didn’t even cross my mind that such a thing could be possible in 2015.

Please confirm one way or the other and if ( responsive ) { tell me how it’s done } else { please refund my subscription – FPSS is no use to me }


note that I’ve asked a specific question here.

Customer Service:


Since our company is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds after a subscription is purchased, which you are responsible for understanding upon purchasing. Please make sure that you have carefully read all relevant documentation and tried out the demos.

Sorry but if you have read our Terms & Conditions here: http://www.joomlaworks.net/about/tos
you would have known that.

If you want assistance with creating a responsive template (we have some ready) let me know.

unbelievable attitude here !!! “we’ve taken your money and we’re hanging on to it – if you have a problem it’s your fault… oh and by the way there is a solution but I’m not giving it to you unless you beg me…” AND no answer to my question.


Thank you for your reply. You have not clearly answered my question as to whether FPSS is responsive. Would you care to do so?

Of course you are right that the subscription I have paid is for not for the software itself, but for your professional support. Yet there is already a question-mark over that. Please look again at your reply. Only the last line in your email actually addresses the problem that I face i.e. that FPSS as supplied is not responsive and fails on tablets and phones.

If you have a solution to this and I mean one created by Joomlaworks, then please point me to it. You say you have some templates ready so shouldn’t you have already done that? Should that be included with the product? It isn’t a really good use of my time forcing me to ask you yet again for a solution that you already have.

Drawing my attention to your terms and conditions is irrelevant ( unless you happen to be a lawyer ). Reputation is what matters in our world. Looking forward to your pro-active and helpful reply.

Trying to restrain myself here…

Customer Service:

I am asking to know which template you want use, so I can post the proper adjustments.
Inappropriate use of the present continuous … this was not asked for in the previous messages. Still no answer to my question.


assume you mean FPSS template, not Joomla template. Currently using Movies.
Let’s at least be clear this time.

Customer Service:

And FINALLY we pry the solution out…. still no answer to my question.

First of all you need to override the template so you won’t lose any changes when you update.

1) Create a template override of the template you are using for your FPSS module, i.e. FSD. Read here how to http://www.joomlaworks.net/docs/frontpage-slideshow under “MVC TEMPLATING: THE POWER TO CREATE UNIQUE SLIDESHOWS”.
2) After you have correctly copied the files in your template’s folder, you will have to edit the template.css.php file in templates/Your_template/html/mod_fpss/Movies/css/

Try adding this gist -> https://gist.github.com/kricore/5ec94077098f95c63ba6

If this is causing visual errors (not all templates/ sites etc ) are not the same, send me a link and Super User access so I can provide a solution.

give YOU Super User access? you must be joking mate!
Realise that the last two posts have been customer service rants. Perhaps that’s a bit boring, but you know there’s no reason to suffer this – on either side. There’s such a real satisfaction in knowing that you’ve helped someone out, I really don’t get people like Krikor. What extra does he get for doing his job so badly?