5-minute Connector Panel drawings

Audiovisual installers in theaters often need various types of non-standard connector panels. Creating the technical drawings to include these connector panels with all their details, it’s normally time-consuming and quite fussy.

Here’s the fast connectCAD way to create this panel layout:

connector panels in schematics







Beginning with a schematic:

Using our Connector Panel Tool, we create the panel connectors on the schematic with all its parameters. For example, in this “Front of House 1” panel, we add mic inputs 1 to 8 with female XLR connectors.

Connector Panel Tool

connector panelsWe can then add a “Stage Left” panel and a “Stage Right” panel, and continue the mic numbering.


multi connect

Now we can connect all the panels to the mixer using the Multi Connect command…

.. and continue drawing all other audio and video connections in the same way.
And, we easily created a schematic for a typical small audio system in less than 4 minutes!

show setting schematic







In the connector panels layout, we create some connector panels with the connector panel object.

connector panel objects

We then set them up assigning the panel names, add the connectors, get  connector types and connector names.. and there we have it!

connector panel is ready

We follow the same steps for all 3 panels. If we like to change things about these panels, we can easily go in, move the connectors about, edit them etc.

So all our basic work is done in literally 5 minutes!

Watch our video tutorial on how to create connector panel tools.