Measure up

Have you ever had a panic re-design? I did once and this is how it happened.

We’d been given a new turnkey TV station to design and install. The client briefed us and gave us a set of plans of the building. Everything looked nice and organised so I settled down to design the system. Pretty soon I was at the stage where I could design the rack layout of the machine room. So I got the floor plan and set out the racks in a nice arrangement on my CAD model. Checked with the client, got the OK and started populating the racks. After a couple of weeks we were ready and the installation team moved in.

At my desk finishing off the details, the phone rang… my lead installer: “I’ve just measured the machine room and it’s 2 metres short !!!”

long pause…

And there where I thought everything was under control I found myself having to re-think my entire design. So


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