Check every time…

Audio is a pain.

Getting an analog signal down a pair of wires from one gadget to another ought to be simple. How many different ways can you do that? Audio engineers have risen to the challenge… back to the anecdote.

We have a production intercom system where the panels are connected with 3 pairs, audio in, audio out and serial control. All of these on D9 connectors according to the manufacturers data sheet. So we plan our system and the clients wiring team sit there dutifully soldering D9s. Days and days of work. The intercom arrives and we find RJ45s !!! A wonderful idea if only they’d told us.

Post-mortem begins. Client is upset and looking for compensation. He’s already paid for one lot of wiring, now he has to re-do it. The crafty manufacturer has already deleted the old data sheet from his site. By a huge stroke of luck I kept the original pdf on file and we escape.

Another lesson learned. Keep your evidence in case others destroy it.

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