Spaghetti and where it comes from

Sometimes you wonder what’s the point? At risk of sounding a bit like Marvin the Paranoid Android here… You create beautiful systems, everything in prefect correspondence with the plans. A year later you go back and find spaghetti. Hundreds of undocumented changes that render the plans useless making life difficult for everyone.

Everyone except one guy. There’s a place in the TV eco-system for a certain kind of technician. He burrows his way into the organisation by making changes that only he knows about. When challenged he’ll come up with a million excuses for why he didn’t have time to tell anyone even painting himself as the hero who saved the day. Often ingenious, his solutions create a spiders web of dependencies that make change impossible without his direct involvement. And that’s how he survives.

By the time his managers realise the risk of only one person knowing how their plant works, he’s already well dug in and they’re too scared to move him. He’s the last person they can fire and he may even end up as your boss.

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