Emails that make you think

Every now and then I get a mail that overturns my assumptions. In the many years I’ve spent designing broadcast systems the task was to understand the need, create a concept design, write tender specifications (formal or otherwise), send out a call for bids, select the final gear and complete detailed design.

But yesterday a designer told me the kind of brief he often hears from his bosses.

“We’ve bought a station group in <major US city>. We  need to move them from SD to HD by the end of the year. They are an Evertz house, with a Sony switcher. We just signed a huge deal with Grass Valley/Miranda/a Belden Brand. Get it built using the Miranda version of whatever you need. In fact, use all Miranda audio processing gear. Maybe leave the Sony switcher. We’ll see.”

“On occasion stuff just lands on a loading dock, and we need to make it work.”

So the big manufacturers are setting the rules. One day I’ll have no more assumptions left and I’ll be a free man…

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