Emails that don’t let you ever stop working

I got an unexpected Christmas present from a customer. One of those emails that makes impossible for you to ever stop.

“First I want to thank your for creating ConnectCAD.  I originally used Visio for all of my A/V drawings, but it was never meant for this use and was slow and cumbersome.  I built a TV station from the ground up last year and did the drawings in Visio.  After that experience I decided to look at other software to aid me in my A/V drawings

I then tried X but it crashed too often and I didn’t care for how regimented it was in making you put your devices and cables in a database.  I also looked at Y, but it seemed like I would have the same issues of X.

Then I tried ConnectCAD and haven’t looked back since.  I just got done rebuilding a TV station (they went from analog to complete HD) and had the drawings done in record time.

On ethical grounds I’ve deleted his specific references to certain products. The disadvantages of other companies software is irrelevant. What matters to me is knowing that what I’m do is making a difference to peoples lives the world over.

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